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  • Studing and Living in the UK
    Document produced by the British Council. Contains information on preparations before traveling, entry requirements, financial and legal matters, services, cultural issues and much more.
  • Safety matters
    Document produced by the British Council to make sure your time in the UK is safe and enjoyable.
  • Going back to Mexico – checklist
    Guide and checklist to ensure a smooth transition back to Mexico. Includes information on legalizing documents and validating studies. Issued by the Consular Section of the Mexican Embassy to the UK.

External Sites

  • UK Border Agency
    Up to date information on Student Visas and other requirements for living in the UK.
  • Mexican Embassy to the UK
    Representing Mexico in the United Kingdom, the Embassy is the point of contact for political, economical, social, cultural and consular issues.
  • British Council
    A British organisation specialising in international educational and cultural opportunities.
  • Mexican Talent Network UK
    A close friend of the MexSocUK, the Talent Network deals with Mexican professionals working in the UK.


Academic Grading Equivalency between Mexico/UK

Note: The following table represents an approximation and by no means should be used as an official conversion. For the exact equivalency an official letter should be requested at the corresponding governmental or educational institution.

Mexico UK Interpretation
> 9.0 > 70 Excelente / Distinction FIRST (I)
8.0 – 8.9 60 – 69 Bueno / Good UPPER SECOND (II i)
7.0 – 7.9 50 – 59 Satisfactorio / Satisfactory LOWER SECOND (II ii)
6.0 – 6.9 40 – 49 Require mejora / Improvement Needed THIRD (III)
< 6.0 < 40 Reprobado / Fail

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