Sociedad de Estudiantes Mexicanos en UK



What is MexSoc UK?

The MexSoc UK is a non-profit student organization formed by the collective association of all Mexican and/or Latin American student societies in the United Kingdom.

The MexSoc UK has no political or religious affiliations and is committed to represent all Mexican students in the United Kingdom equally.

For more information about the organization and the history of the society please visitĀ About MexSocUK.


How do you become a member of the MexSoc UK?

All Mexican Societies officially registered at a UK University can become part of the MexSoc UK. Only one society per University can be acknowledged as an official member of the MexSoc UK, if two or more of these societies exist within a University the MexSoc UK will favour the one with the highest number of Mexican members.

If you wish to become part of the MexSoc UK you must first verify if a Mexican Society exists at your University (seeĀ Memberships) and follow their independent registration procedure. Once you are a member of your corresponding Mexican Society you will automatically become a member of the MexSoc UK.

If your University is not listed as a registered member society please have the president or a member of the current committee get in touch with us.

In the case where no Mexican Society exists within a UK University, individual members from such University may register directly with the MexSoc UK.


How do I know if the Mexican Society from my University belongs to the MexSoc UK?

You can find a list of all member UniversitiesĀ here. Sometimes a Mexican Society from a UK University may temporarily disappear when the minimum number of members is not reached, or contact details may change due to committee transitions, even though we make an effort to keep this list updated, if you are attending a UK University that is not listed please verify with your Student Union and get in touch with us.