Reconocimiento Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes.

1928 – 2012

Author, Scholar and Diplomat.

Honoured and recognised for his constant effort to find and maintain his Mexican identity amidst opposing cultures.

This award was established in 2013 in honour and dedication of Carlos Fuentes -sponsor and friend of the MexSoc UK- to honour and recognise the Mexican students who, in a similar, way strengthen the Mexican identity in the UK, through their efforts and dedication.



1st Place: Arely Cruz Santiago from the University of Durham

Honorific Mention, 2nd place: Manuel Alejandro Esparza Franco from the University of Warwick

Honorific Mention, 3rd place: Cecilia Martínez Perez from the University of Cambridge


1st Place: Iván Alejandro Saucedo Mora from the University of Southampton

Honorific Mention: Jorge Iván Castillo Quan from University College London

Congratulations on their good job!

2015 Registration for the Award

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