Premiación 1er Concurso de Fotografía

On the 21st of July the award and exhibition for the 1st Photography Contest of the MexSoc UK titled “Living in the UK” was held.

Silvia Carrillo from Kings College London won the first price with her photograph “Shadows in the City of Smoke”, with Adrian Villaseñor, from the University of East Anglia, winning second place with his photo “Hasta en el Café”.

Thank you so much to Wahaca who hosted the event, and the Mexican Embassy in the UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID) for their help in organising the event.

Click HERE to see the winning photos and all the finalists.

Congratulations to the winners!






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Convocatoria: Consejo Ejecutivo MexSoc UK 2014-2015

Les recordamos que sigue abierta la convocatoria para presentar candidaturas para formar parte del Consejo Ejecutivo MexSocUK 2014-2015.
El cierre para la recepción de candidaturas es el MIERCOLES 23 DE JULIO DEL 2014 A LAS 11PM. Favor de enviar candidaturas a”

Las elecciones se celebraran en el marco del XXII Simposio de Estudios y Estudiantes Mexicanos. Los puestos a ocupar son: Presidente, Vice-presidente, Academic Officer, Cultural Officer (organizador del simposio), Sports Officer (organizador torneo futbol) y Communications Officer.

Como indican los estatutos se debe presentar propuesta para ocupar el cargo, en el caso de Cultural Officer y Sports Officer, propuesta para la organización del Simposio y torneo de fútbol respectivamente. Los candidatos deberán contar con el apoyo de sus respectivas sociedades.

Para mayor información consultar:

Carlos Fuentes Award 2014

Congratulations this years’ winners of the Carlos Fuentes Award:

Arely Cruz Santiago, Durham University - WINNER
Arely Cruz Santiago


Manuel Alejandro Esperanza Franco, Warwick University – Honorific Mention, 2nd place
Manuel Alejandro Esparza Franco 

Cecilia Martínez Pérez – Honorific Mention, 3rd place
Cecilia Martínez Perez


Photos from the event!


Congratulations again and keep up the good work!

Reconocimiento Carlos Fuentes

La convocatoria a la edición 2014 del Reconocimiento Carlos Fuentes al estudiante Mexicano más sobresaliente en el Reino Unido se encuentra ya abierta.

Este reconocimiento fue establecido en honor y dedicatoria al Sr. Carlos Fuentes  -como padrino de la Sociedad- para honrar a aquellos estudiantes mexicanos quienes de igual forma, a través de su esfuerzo y dedicación, fortalecen la identidad mexicana en el extranjero. Está enfocado exclusivamente para estudiantes mexicanos en el Reino Unido que han realizado acciones significativas y de trascendencia que reflejen un aspecto positivo del carácter mexicano.

Convocatoria Reconocimiento CARLOS FUENTES 2014


Da click aquí para saber más información acerca del Reconocimiento, incluyendo a los ganadores del año pasado.

Call for teams: 6-a-side MexSocUK Football Tournament

Team registration for the 2014 MexSocUK Football Tournament is now open!

Hosted by: The University of Southampton.

Tournament date: Saturday 7 of June, 2014.

Tournament location: Wide Lane Sports Ground, Southampton. SO50 5PE
How to arrive: The easiest way is to arrive by train to Southampton Airport Parkway Station. Other options are by coach, arriving to Southampton Central or Southampton University, and then take the Uni-link bus U1A to the last station, Southampton Airport Parkway stop. Parking available. 

Due to time constrictions, the tournament is limited to a maximum of 12 teams. So make sure you register on time to avoid being left out!

Tournament Regulations:

  • Each team will consist of 6 players with up to 3 substitutions. Maximum of 9 players per team in total – with a minimum of 1 female player registered per team.**NEW
  • Teams with less than 6 players in the pitch will not be allowed to play.
  • A minimum of 4 members in each team must be Mexican.
  • The captain of the team must be Mexican and a member of the affiliated Mexican Student Society at his/her University.
  • All teams must wear a distinctive team-color or uniform of their election.
  • Every team must bring at least 1 ball for the game.
  • 6-a-side rules will be followed, in case of doubt a full explanation will be given before the tournament starts.
  • Each game will have a duration of 20 mins.
  • All teams must pay a registration fee of £30, as contribution towards the costs of the tournament. Payment details will be disclosed to the team captain after the team registration.


  1. Submit the following data:
  • Representative University/Body
  • Team name
  • Team color
  • Team members/players (9 maximum)
  • Captain

This information should be sent via email to sports @ (remove the spaces before and after the @ sign) with the subject: “Your university/body name” MexSoc football tournament.

  1. After your team has been accepted for registration you will receive an email with payment details. Payments should be made before the 30th of May.

Registration will close on 30th May 2014.

Note: After sending your registration information you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email prior to the tournament, this means your team is not registered and you will not be allowed to play.

For questions or doubts about the football tournament please contact Miguel Nuñez on sports @

Facebook event


For more information on the tournament, including current and past champions, please visit this link.